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MLK Day: Ways Kids Can Give Back

on January 21, 2013

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King Jr. 

HandPrints3+Painted+HandsToday as most of our kids are enjoying a day off from school, and some of us a day off from work it is a great opportunity to look at ways we can give back and teach out kids to give back to others.

Today the Keene YMCA has volunteer opportunities for all ages!

The Monadnock Humane Society has these great ways your family and kids can help their organization.

Be an ambassador – tell everyone you know how
much you care about MHS.
– Ask your friends to donate to MHS instead of giving
you a birthday gift
– Donate “wish list” stuff (find a list on our website)
–  Come to MHS events – it’s a great way to show your
support! Bring all of your friends
–  Hold a bake sale with your school at a local store and donate the
profits to MHS
– Like MHS on Facebook, and get all of your friends to
like us, too. Share posts with your friends.
– Help us distribute our newsletters
– Hold a “penny” drive at your school – collect pennies from all your friends and family

Fast Friends also has many opportunities for children to help as well.

Several kids have held Fast Friends birthday parties in their homes. They asked people instead of a present to make a donation to Fast Friends. We even brought the greyhounds over to their house for all the kids to see and pet.

We also have a wish list on our website of things we need year around like paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, milk bone dog treats. Kids can ask their teachers if they can put a box in their classroom for a month to collect donations. Again, we would be happy to bring the greyhounds to the classroom and talk to the kids about greyhounds and Fast Friends.

We also have a summer reading to the greyhounds program. Kids can come in with their parents and read out loud to the greyhounds. This helps the kids improve their reading and reading out loud skills and helps the greyhounds relax as the kids read in a calm monotone voice.

Kids can also volunteer at Fast Friends. If they are under 16, their parents would have to accompany them while they volunteer. They need to attend a volunteer orientation which we hold the 3rd Sunday of the month at 11am. Then they can come any day from 11am-3pm and help out. The schedule and more information about the volunteer program is listed on our website

We have another child that makes potholders and sells them at craft fairs. They donate a portion of the proceeds to different non-profits including Fast Friends.

We love to work with the schools. Kids can ask their teachers about having us visit and give a talk about Fast Friends and bring a greyhound for show and tell. The teachers can contact Cathy Sims at 603-355-1556.


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